Wine brand launches low calorie, low ABV English sparkling ‘wine’ with 15% of your daily vitamin intake

A new English wine label has produced something that sounds two good to be true: a low calorie, low-alcohol fizz that contains 15% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Wild Botanicals, based in Cornwall, UK, produces two low alcohol sparkling wines at 0.5% ABV, called Blush and Nude, that contain eight added nutrients such as zinc, niacin and vitamin B6, claiming to be “unlike anything else on the market”.

When it comes to the tasting notes, the Nude has hints of “gooseberry, banana lime and mango”, while the Blush “evokes rosehip tea, strawberries and cream”.

Ellie Bradshaw, the brand’s founder, said she was inspired to launch the brand when she “couldn’t find anything that  appealed to my dry palate in the sparkling wine category that was ultra-low in alcohol when I needed it to be.

“I was bored of sparkling water, elderflower press-d out and didn’t want the high sugar content often found in so many soft drinks. I’m equally passionate about the power and health properties of herbs, the slow food movement and art.

Brandshaw claims that Wild Life Botanicals “blends all of these elements through a unique alchemy to ensure there is no compromise on taste or experience and delivers a health boost all at the same time. Wild Life Botanicals is all about empowerment to live your best life.”

Both serves contain less than 35 calories per 125ml glass, 60% less than the average glass of Champagne or Prosecco.

It is currently available to buy via the brand’s website website at £15 per (US$18.53) 70cl bottle.

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