Crete vineyard saves indigenous grapes from extinction

Michalakis Estate on the island of Crete in Greece has launched nine wines made using indigenous grape varieties, saving them from potential extinction.

Photo: Michalakis Estate

The estate has used the four indigenous white varieties of Dafni, Vilana, Vidiano and Plyto along with the two black varieties of Kotsifali and Mandilari to produce nine wines, reports Beverage Daily.

The wines include Dafni Michalakis Estate, Vilana Michalakis Estate, Vidiano Michalakis Estate, Plyto Michalakis Estate, Varietal White, Varietal Rose, Varietal Red alongside both an organic white and red.

Michalakis Estate describes the wines as possessing “unique flavours and fruity aromas” that are “characteristic of the unique Aegean varieties and of the Cretan soil”.

A 43-hectare estate near Iraklion, Michalakis is located on the site formerly belonging to Saint George Epanosifi Monastery.

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