Council of Whiskey Masters teams up with Glencairn Crystal

The Council of Whiskey Masters has formed a strategic partnership with Glencairn Crystal, days after launching two new accredited courses for whiskey fans.

The council recently launched a dedicated certification program for established and aspiring whiskey professionals, leading to the Level 1 title of “Certified Scotch Professional” or “Certified Bourbon Professional”.

The council will also offer courses four times a year at exam centres in the US, Europe and Canada.

It said it will endorse the use of Glencairn’s glassware “for the optimal enjoyment and tasting of all fine whiskeys.”

Glencairn Glass is currently endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) as the “official glass for whiskey”, and is used across the globe by international whiskey and spirits producers.

“Glencairn is the perfect complement to our study and certification program, we are confident in recommending The Glencairn Glass to our candidates as the best whiskey glass to accompany their studies, Jörn Kleinhans, executive director at the Council of Whiskey Masters, said.

“It is important that our students not only become competent in whiskey but also understand and appreciate the importance of using the best tools to enhance the whiskey drinking experience.”

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