Canned water brand ‘enhances’ flavour of whisky

A new “wild” water brand has been designed to “enhance the flavour” of Scotch whisky and capitalise on the premium movement of the spirits industry.

Larkfire is a “naturally-sourced” canned water from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. It claims to be the “only known” canned water brand specifically made for mixing with whisky.

The brand is said to provide an alternative to “chlorine-heavy” tap water and bottled water with high mineral content.

Co-founder James McIntosh said: “Consumers have now bought into the idea of making sure the tonic in their G&T is the best they can have, and this is exactly the same concept.

“Whisky drinkers might pay £20, £30, or even more for a single glass of scotch in a bar, and then they’re adding chlorine-heavy tap water to a wonderful drink. It doesn’t make sense.

“We learned that the Isle of Lewis is made up of some of the oldest rock in the world, Lewisian gneiss, and that this rock is metamorphic and non-soluble meaning the water there is pure, soft and really low in mineral content.

“The Outer Hebrides is home to 15% of the UK’s fresh water surface area – something we saw first-hand during our many visits – so water supply is regular and plentiful.

“Mixing this water with whisky creates a natural chemistry – the water complements the whisky, unlocking its hidden complexities and creating a drink that is more enjoyable and has greater depth.”

Larkfire will be available to the on- and off-trade from September at an RRP of £3.99 (US$5.00) for a 4x150ml pack.

Its launch was inspired by a study by two Swedish scientists, which concluded that whisky tastes better after being diluted with water. 

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