Zamora Company turnover reaches €196m in 2018

Spanish drinks producer Zamora Company saw its turnover grow by 16% to reach €196 million (US$219m) in 2018, boosted by the firm’s spirits portfolio.

The company’s spirits sales accounted for 58% of total turnover, with sales of its Licor 43 liqueur brand growing 10% in 2018.

Zamora Company saw its international sales reach their highest level in 2018, with 43.5% of sales during the year coming from outside Spain.

Emilio Restoy, CEO of Zamora Company, said: “The figures for 2018 are the proof that we have been doing things well, with a large workload behind us. However, we must be cautious about what comes next.

“We have made a great effort and now we want to consolidate our strategy and our brands in these new markets, to establish the pillars of what Zamora Company will be in the medium and long term.”

According to Zamora Company, 2018 saw all its brands grow in terms of turnover and sales volumes. The company estimates it will close 2019 with a turnover of €215 million (US$240m).

The Spanish company’s growth follows a year of strategic investments, including the opening of its own infrastructure in the US and China, and the acquisition of a 55% stake in Martin Miller’s Gin.

In 2018, Zamora Company also saw its workforce increase by 100 employees to 424. This number is expected to grow further to reach 450 by the end of 2019.

By the end of 2020, Zamora Company expects 10% of its turnover to come from new products that have joined its portfolio since 2016.

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