VSPT Wine Group reaffirms commitment to sustainability with new video

The second largest exporter of Chilean wine, VSPT Wine Group has launched a new video which strengthens its commitment to producing wines using 100% renewable energy by 2021.

Casa Rivas in the Maipo Valley

Recognised by the drinks business as a leader in Renewable Energy Implementation in both 2016 and 2018, the new digital piece is a journey through the diverse initiatives that the group has been implementing in recent years.

Beginning with the construction of the world’s first Biogas Plant which uses waste from harvests to generate 1MW of thermal and electric energy to power its wine production operation, the video also highlights the group’s implementation of a mini run-of-the-river Hydroelectric Plant which supplies 250KW of power to its Viña Tarapacá winery.

The implementation of Photovoltaic Panels in nine of the group’s estates, equating to the creation of 2.7MW of power to be used mainly for technical irrigation, is also celebrated alongside the group’s additional solar park which is currently being built in Molina to generate 1.3MW of clean energy for the winery.

Utilising photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biogas energy sources, which can provide clean energy for the country when not consumed by the winery, the group hopes to consolidate 63% of its commitment to producing wines made using 100% Renewable Energy by 2021.

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