VSPT joins first waste management programme in Chile

Chilean wine giant VSPT has joined the Mi Barrio Recicla waste management programme in Chile, which aims to collect recycling from 2,100 homes across the Providencia district of Santiago.

Under the same programme, the pilot scheme for the Recycling and Extended Producer Responsibility Law (EPR) was developed, which will come into effect across Chile by 2022.

Mi Barrio Recicla, which began on 2 September, allows home owners to collect and separate their waste into categories such as glass, plastic, aluminium cans, paper, cardboard and tetrapacks.

While already practiced for some years in many countries around the world, VSPT says the initiative is “unprecedented” in Chile.

The municipality of Providencia and 20 businesses which form part of the Association of Food and Drink in Chile (AB Chile) are taking part in the endeavour, having obtained a signed collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Environment.

The scheme is being financed by AB Chile and VSPT is the only winery to be taking part.

Pedro Herane, CEO of VSPT, said: “We are very happy to support this important initiative within the framework of the Extended Producer Responsibility law, driving our country to raise its standards, manage our waste sustainably and to truly look towards a circular economy, which is key to sustainable management and very much in line with our commitment in this area.”

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