UK rosé sales fall 2.5% year-on-year, research reveals

Spending on rosé wine in the UK off-trade has fallen by 2.5% year-on-year, according to data from consumer research group Kantar, with 63% of all wine bottles bought priced at £5 and under.

The research is based on Kantar’s data, which monitors the take home grocery purchasing habits of “30,000 demographically representative households”.

In the 52 weeks to 8 September 2019, households spent £508,561 on rosé, compared to £521,590 in the same period in the previous year.

Total spending on still wine increased to £5,038,891 during the same period, up 3.1% on the previous year, with still red showing the largest increase.

While spending has risen, the percentage of shoppers who actually buy wine is down, according to Kantar. 67.5% of households bought wine in the year to 8 September, a fall of 2.7% on the previous year.

63.2% of these bottles were bought for £5 and under, which in an article published in The Times, Kantar analysts describe as the “psychological £5 price barrier”.

This was compared to 31.4% of spending within the £5.01 to £7 bracket, 4.6% between £7.01 and £10 and just 0.8% of households spending over £10 on a bottle.

Duty on beer and spirits was frozen on 1 February this year, while duty on wine rose to £2.23 per bottle.

On that basis, Bibendum’s Vinononics calculator states that for a £5 bottle of wine, just 30p is spent on the wine itself once costs including duty, packaging, VAT, logistics, excise duty and margin are taken into account.

For a £20 bottle, however, this rises to £7.03 for the wine.

According to Kantar’s data, the average price per bottle has risen each year since 2016. The research group found that the average price of a bottle of still wine was just £5.03.

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