UK brewery makes IPA beer ‘designed for Sauvignon Blanc drinkers’

UK retailer Majestic and Chapel Down’s brewing team have released Curious Cuvée, an unusual new IPA, which shares the flavour profile of Sauvignon Blanc wines.

James Reed, beer buyer at Majestic said the dry Curious Cuvée IPA had “citrussy zesty flavours.”

He said the Nelson Sauvin hop imported from New Zealand, which is known for its vinous-like aroma qualities, was the key ingredient used to bring about the Sauvignon Blanc style IPA.

According to Majestic, Nelson Sauvin, is a rare hop, which grows exclusively in New Zealand’s volcanic, fertile soils and has only been in circulation for export since the start of this century.

“Curious Cuvée IPA is every bit as expressive as a crisp wine. I think will be a hit; not just with craft puritans, but also with wine and lager lovers alike. We’re incredibly excited to see it on our shelves,” Reed said.

“At Majestic, our best-selling wines for over 10 years have been New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc wines. However, often those customers may not be traditional ale drinkers at all,” he said.

Majestic hopes to tap into Sauvignon Blanc drinkers and what it said were the 70% of beer drinkers, who opt for lager above all else, and may not have even considered IPA until now.

Majestic and Chapel Down’s beer brewing team Curious Brew, collaborated to create the IPA.

Chapel Down’s head winemaker Josh Donaghay-Spire was involved in the creation of Curious Cuvée.

Curious Cuvée IPA, which distributed in cans, goes on sale this week at all Majestic stores.

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