Top 10 restaurants in London for Champagne

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According to the latest reviews on Wine List Confidential, we’ve selected the top restaurants in London for Champagne, serving up the finest fizz from rare grower labels to bottles from the most famous names.

With the UK remaining Champagne’s top export market by volume, it’s little surprise that London is spoilt for choice. From little-seen bottlings from famous houses, to carefully-selected grower Champagnes, there’s something for everyone.

We have sifted through our Wine List Confidential database to bring you a selection of restaurants that truly with Champagne selections that outshine the rest.

Wine List Confidential is a wine list ratings website and mobile app designed to be a transparent, straightforward way to connect wine lovers with the best wine-focused restaurants.

Using a numeric rating system, Wine List Confidential allows wine lovers to quickly compare the wine offer in restaurants, whatever the food or format. Using a simple 100-point scale, Wine List Confidential scores restaurants on the most important aspects of their wine offering – from pricing and service, to the range, size and originality of the selection. These individual ratings are then used to create an overall Wine List Confidential Score for every restaurant reviewed.

Based on a selection of reviews published last year in the latest Wine List Confidential guide, first published in May this year, the following restaurants are those which list a particularly wide array of Champagnes, be they from the prestigious houses, grower Champagnes, restaurant-curated blends or older vintages.

To view the full Wine List Confidential guide and rankings, please click here. All reviews are written by Douglas Blyde.


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