Top 10 fastest-growing spirits brands

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While some vodka brands are bucking the downward trend affecting the category, Indian whiskies are rising at speed – but which million-case brand grew the fastest?

From bar openings and distillery launches, to new product developments and executive reshuffles, the spirits industry has never been one to stand still for long.

Being part of such a quick­-paced environment means timing and execution are crucial to ensure goals are met, or indeed, surpassed. Last year, there were 43 million­-case brands that recorded double-­digit growth, an impressive increase compared to the 34 in 2017.

Looking at the spirit sectors represented in the fastest­-growing collective, some vodka brands continue to make impressive leaps despite the overall category’s current slump. Roust’s Talka was the fourth fastest­-growing million­-case spirit in 2018, and Kozatska Rada and Pervak also enjoyed strong, double­-digit gains.

Unsurprisingly, Indian whisky continued to perform well, with Alcobrew’s White & Blue comfortably surpassing the 2m-­case mark with a 31.9% spike in sales.

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