Top 10 best-selling ‘local’ spirits brands

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‘Local’ spirits such as cachaça, pisco and soju are huge in their home territories, but the category is having to navigate choppy waters as more than half of the best-selling brands report declining volumes.

A report compiled by Vinexpo and the IWSR last year forecasted that the consumption of ‘national spirits’ – products that are largely sold in their domestic market  – is set to grow by 2.1% to 1.48 billion cases between 2016 and 2021, constituting almost half of the global spirits total.

According to SB‘s recent Brand Champions report, the only cachaça brand to witness an increase in 2018 was Pitú with a small gain of 0.2%. The biggest brand in the sector, Cachaça 51, dropped by 9.3%. In other categories, Antioqueño aguardiente and Yeni raki also suffered losses last year.

It was a mixed bag for Asian spirits shōchū and soju. Iichiko declined by 4.8%, while Muginoka reported a steep drop of 37.2%. Daigoro returned to growth after successive declines and Kanoka saw a steady 3% rise. The world’s biggest spirit brand – South Korean soju Jinro – grew sales by more than 2m cases.

Unfortunately, all baijiu companies approached by SB declined to disclose their volume data.

Following our recently published Brand Champions 2019 report – an analysis of the spirits brands selling more than one-million cases annually – we run through the world’s best-selling ‘local’ spirits brands on the market today.

Click through the following pages to discover the top 10 best-selling ‘local’ spirits brands, listed in order of their nine-litre case sales.

Data is listed to one decimal place for ease of reading, but the percentage changes are based on the full data supplied to The Brand Champions 2019.


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