Three Spirit extends zero-abv line for ‘conscious hedonists’

Non-alcoholic drinks brand Three Spirit has extended its range with two new variants, which have been designed to “stimulate the palate, mind and body”.

The first offering in the range, Three Spirit Social Elixir, was launched in December 2018 by Bar Chick co-founder Tatiana Mercer along with Dash Lilley, who has founded a number of wellness-focused beverage labels, and Meeta Gournay.

A team of bar experts were also involved in its creation, including Fluid Movement founders Tristan Stephenson and Tom Aske.

Three Spirit was created in response to the rise of the “semi-sober consumer” and for those who seek “exciting functional alternatives that offer more than just flavour”.

The original expression combines 11 herbs and plants including lion’s mane, yerba mate, cacao and damiana.

The two new offerings, The Livener and The Nightcap, have been created by Stephenson and Aske, alongside Mr Lyan’s Robin Honhold and Michael Heinrich, head of the Centre for Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy at the UCL School of Pharmacy.

The Three Spirit range is “designed to enhance your night from start to finish, stimulating the palette, mind and body – before, during and after the party”.

The Livener is described as “fiery and fruity in flavour” and is designed to “liven the senses”. The variant is made with guayusa, schisandra berries and energising plants.

The Nightcap is designed to “sip and savour” and combines aromatic plants, bright spices and tree saps. It is said to feature lemon balm, valerian and hops combined with “complex notes of oak and vanilla for a calm, dreamy feeling”.

”For this new breed of conscious hedonists – people who love to go out, let their hair down and have fun but who still want to be on form the next day – we offer the dream – great flavour, new function and unique drinking experience,” said Mercer.

Three Spirit positions itself between “the concept of micro-dosing alcohol” alongside other options such as cannibidiol (CBD) and caffeine, and “unconscious drinking”.

The brand also said it will “explore new markets” next year. Three Spirit is currently available in specialist bars in New York and leading bars in London, as well as luxury department store Harvey Nichols.

Three Spirit The Livener and The Nightcap are priced at £24.99 (US$30.80) each, and will be available to purchase together in a gift pack from November. Enotria and other retailers will list Three Spirit from late October.

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