The Singleton of Glen Ord launches triple cask edition

The Singleton of Glen Ord has unveiled a brand new whisky that has undergone a triple cask maturation process.

The triple cask maturation process begins with maturing whisky respectively in a fusion of European oak Sherry casks and American oak Bourbon casks.

The Bourbon cask brings vanilla, caramel and woody notes and the Sherry cask adds fruity, bitter characters. After 12 years, these two whiskies are then brought together and married by Malt Master, Maureen Robinson.

The Master of Malts Maureen Robinson drew upon her 40-years of experience to revisit a selection of ageing whiskies from the distillery to further mature this whisky in Sherry casks to enhance the signature rich fruity tasting notes with transcendental depth of taste and complexity that makes for a deep in nose flavours of plum and caramel, rich palate of dark berries, cherries and blackcurrants, and a dark chocolate finish.

The signature edition has been bottled at cask strength with a 40% ABV to experience its pure character and is available for HK$548.

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