The Savoy launches its own vodka brand

The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy hotel in London, a long-time champion of classic cocktails, has launched its own vodka brand – Beaufort Bar Vodka.

The vodka was created in response to the fact that the underdog spirit, which has long dwelt in gin’s shadow, is the top-selling spirit at the bar.

This discovery prompted the bar team to create their own expression in collaboration with The Boatyard Distillery in Ireland.

The organic vodka is made from a wheat base and benefits from the inclusion of Champagne yeast, leading to a “distinctive and flavourful” vodka with a “full-bodied finish”.

According to its makers, the expression is “highly pronounced” on the nose, with “a uniquely creamy smooth character” offering “a blend of sweet-savoury flavours and notes of beeswax”.

The bottle boasts a matte black label with a crimson embossed design that complements the bar’s Art Deco interiors and bartenders’ black and red blazers.

The 43% ABV vodka is designed to be enjoyed in classic cocktails like the Martini, as well as straight up. The team are also developing an unconventional highball serve for it.

“The aim was to create an expression that fulfils vodka’s potential. We have taken what is often an underrated spirit and created a vodka that we hope will surprise our guests.

“Flavoured vodkas are going to be a thing of the past and will be replaced by vodkas with flavour,” said The Beaufort Bar’s head bartender, Elon Soddu.

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