The Global Masters Beer of the Week: Porterhouse Brewing Barrel-aged Celebration Stout

Every week, we select a drink that picked up either a Gold or Master from our competition series, and tell you why the judges loved it. Enter the Global Masters, and this could be yours.

Earlier this year we invited a crack team of beer sommeliers and certified cicerones to help us judge our 2019 Beer Masters.

We normally dedicate this column to wines that shine in our annual competitions, but after publishing the results of our Beer Masters 2019, and the weather taking a turn for the cold and wet, we’re cracking open this rich, warming stout instead.

This special release Celebration Stout has been matured in hand selected Dingle Irish Whiskey casks, which are themselves old Bourbon and Port barrels.

The casks have lent this beer a unique and complex character, with a smooth, rich and intense flavour. Hops, meanwhile, are added at numerous points to the beer during its production with a twelve week maturation.

At our Masters competition, the judges were impressed by the beer’s body and complexity, thanks to some time marrying with the Bourbon and Port-soaked oak, and comes out in an inviting dark colour. With an ABV of 12%, it’s little surprise the stout coats the glass.

The nose is pretty boozy, but its backed up by “complex” notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, plums and espresso.

When it comes to taste, our judges found it “rich and intense”, but well integrated, to the point that you might not notice the beer’s high strength after all. Coffee and chocolate shined through on the palate, one judge picked up a hint of blueberry and, of course, some heady Bourbon notes.

Showcasing the best qualities of Irish whiskey and dark beer, we can see why Porterhouse called this a Celebration Stout. Sláinte!



The beer: Porterhouse Dingle Barrel Aged Celebration Stout

The source: Porterhouse Brewery in Dublin, Ireland

The hop(s): East Kent Goldings

The malt(s): Wheat Malt, Crystal Black, Flaked Barley, Roast Barley

ABV: 12%

The style: A barrel-aged Imperial stout

The price: £4 per 330ml bottle. Available to purchase at The Porterhouse, Covent Garden, and

The medal: Master – The Global Beer Masters, 2019

The Beer Masters 2019 results appeared in the October 2019 issue of the drinks business.

With high-quality judges and a unique sampling process, the Global Masters provides a chance for your wines, or beers to star, whether they hail from the great vineyards of Europe or lesser-known corners of the world.

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