Tablet claims to mitigate alcohol harm

A new dietary supplement pill that claims to combat the negative effects of alcohol consumption has reached its crowdfunding target.

Created by entrepreneur Laurence Cardwell, the Survivor supplement claims to “fuse the best of eastern traditional herbal remedies with western food science”.

Survivor contains a “unique blend of nutrients” that “supports metabolic functions impacted when drinking”. It is designed to be taken at the same time as drinking alcohol.

The supplement claims to boost productivity the day after drinking, with a “long-term goal to mitigate some of the longer-term harmful effects of alcohol consumption”.

Cardwell teamed up with professor Gertrude Kubiena, an ex-Red Cross vice-president and expert in traditional Chinese medicine, to formulate the recipe for Survivor.

The supplement contains dihydromyricetin extracted from vine tea, puerariae flower extract and milk thistle extract. The three ingredients are said to have traditionally been used to promote liver function.

Survivor also contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, which were selected with the input of food scientist Simon Williams.

The product is said to help maintain normal liver function, protect cells from oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, reduce redness and fatigue, support normal cognitive function, contribute to normal electrolyte balance and help maintain normal energy-yielding metabolism.

It is recommended that drinkers take two Survivor tablets after every four drinks, and two before bed.

Cardwell recently secured US$33,449 through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to “develop a far stronger body of evidence” behind the product and fund growth into new markets.

“Survivor may have the capacity to go beyond just being  capsule to chase down your G&T and help offset some harm associated with alcohol consumption,” said Cardwell.

“That is why we want to go much further than what is usually expected of a food supplement and to demonstrate what Survivor is really capable of – something beyond a short-term solution to morning-after misery.”

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