Spirit of Bermondsey launches lower ABV alternative to gin

South London company Spirit of Bermondsey has created a botanically infused lower alcohol spirit called Trinity25.

Offering an alcohol content of 25% ABV, Trinity25 is made from 100% English grain spirit, cold infused with Juniper and a ‘trinity’ of spices.

Botanicals include cardamon to provide spice; coriander seed for a citrus element; and black pepper to add warmth.

Suggested as suitable for gin-based classics such as Negronis and Martinis, Trinity25 can also be served as a Spritz or on the rocks.

Inspired by Bermondsey’s history of trading and storing spices, the spirit was conceived and distilled in south London.

Founder of Spirit of Bermondsey, Nick Johnson, said: “As a long time gin and botanical spirit fanatic, I wanted to create a drink that returns to the original ethos of gin. At its heart, gin is a very simple and elegant drink, but recent trends have seen over complex mixes with 10, 15 or even 20 botanicals fighting for attention. It has also become overly strong, with up to 50% alcohol not uncommon.

“With Trinity25, I have created a spirit that is elegantly simple and a much lighter alternative to gin.

“It also fills a clear gap in the market for a lower alcohol spirit which will appeal to those who want to enjoy a few drinks, but also watch their alcohol intake.”

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