Spirit Master: Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof British Navy Rum

For a rum that packs a punch, try this acclaimed overproof expression perfect for recreating the classic sharing drink.

Every week, SB celebrates some of the top scoring Master medallists from The Global Spirits Masters blind-tasting competitions.

Looking back at last year’s Rum Masters blind-tasting competition, we scoured the top entries for an expression that would be best suited for creating a Rum Punch ahead of National Rum Punch Day (20 September).

The term ‘punch’ usually refers to a mixed drink, ideal for sharing, with the earliest recipes made with either rum or arrack. Overproof rums are well suited to the classic serve and can hold their own against an abundance of ingredients.

The Spirits Business gathered together a group of drinks experts at The Rum Kitchen in London’s Notting Hill to assess the state of the category in February 2018.

In the Dark Rum – Overproof round, Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof British Navy Rum was one of two expressions to grab a Master medal. In total, the competition awarded 13 Master medals.

During the competition, one judge described the Pusser’s expression as “the dream combination of esters together with lovely integrated oak and rancio”.

The 54.5% ABV Pusser’s Gundpowder Proof is a traditional Royal Navy-style rum produced at original Admiralty strength and in accordance with the Admiralty’s blending recipe last used when the Royal Navy discontinued its daily ration on 31 July 1970.

To create a Pusser’s Bloody Rum Punch, check out the recipe below.


60ml Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof British Navy Rum

60ml pomegranate Juice

60ml cranberry juice

60ml pineapple juice

Splash of grenadine

Fresh orange wedge

Method: Add ice, rum, and juices to cocktail shaker. Shake well. Pour mixture into tall glass over ice. Garnish with fresh orange.

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