Spirit Master: Makar Oak Aged

Ahead of the first International Scottish Gin Day (3 August), we highlight a cask-aged expression from The Glasgow Distillery Company.

Every week, SB showcases some of the top-scoring Master medallists from The Global Spirits Masters blind-tasting competition.

During this year’s Gin Masters at London Wall Bar and Kitchen in London, five panels of experienced judges assessed an array of expressions spanning sloe, London Dry, Old Tom, contemporary and more.

In 2015, fewer than 100 gins were entered into the competition. In this year’s blind tasting, that number has more than trebled to exceed 300 entries, marking the biggest Global Spirits Masters competition in history.

Scotland has become known for something other than its whisky with a large number of producers moving into the gin category with high-quality expressions, as our latest Gin Masters competition shows.

The Gin Cooperative, an organisation that celebrates Scottish gins, has established International Scottish Gin Day on 3 August to provide an opportunity for Scottish gin producers, bars, restaurants, bottle shops and drinkers to discover, celebrate and promote the category throughout the day.

For the first International Scottish Gin Day, we put the spotlight on the award-winning Makar Oak Aged. The expression grabbed a Master medal in the Cask Aged flight.

During the blind-tasting, one judge said the expression was “beautiful, light” and the first gin to really take on the characteristics of the barrel.

Produced by Scotland’s Glasgow Distillery Company, Makar Oak Aged Gin is a cask matured variant of Makar Original Gin.

Matured in virgin oak casks for more than 10 weeks, Makar Oak Aged Gin is recommended served neat over ice or in a Negroni.

In last year’s Gin Masters, Glasgow Distillery Company’s Makar Original Gin also grabbed a Master medal.

In March 2018, the Makar Gin producer launched 1770 Scotch whisky – the first single malt created at an independent Glasgow distillery for more than 100 years.

To see the full list of medallists from The Gin Masters 2019, click here.

If you’re interested in entering your brand into The Global Spirits Masters, contact Rhiannon Morris – rhiannon.morris@thespiritsbusiness.com – for more details, or visit this page.

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