Saké-flavoured KitKat goes on sale in Japan

A yuzu saké flavoured KitKat has gone on sale in Japan, adding to the chocolate wafer’s ever-expanding range of quirky limited edition flavours.

Since the year 2000 Nestlé has launched over 200 different KitKat flavours, including matcha tea, soy sauce, cherry blossom, edamame and umeshu.

While the first saké flavoured KitKat launched in 2016, this new twist includes the addition of popular Japanese citrus fruit yuzu, which tastes like the lovechild of a grapefruit and a mandarin.

The wafer was made in collaboration with footballer-turned saké buff Hidetoshi Nakata, and features yuzu saké made from a rice wine base at Hamakata Shoten in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture – the country’s largest yuzu-growing region.

Blending saké and freshly squeezed yuzu juice, the zesty drink is added to the wafers during the production process before they are coated in white chocolate. The result is a refreshing sweet and sour snack with an alcohol content of 0.2%.

The latest addition to the KitKat family went on sale in Japan this week priced at £5 for a pack of nine. Unlike many of Nestlé’s KitKat flavour innovations, it is a permanent fixture rather than a limited edition release.

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