Prowine China 2019: The first-timers of the show

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Without a doubt China is one of the most fascinating growing markets for the global wine and spirits industry. While Prowine China in Shanghai is seeing an ever-increasing number of exhibitors at the show, dbHK spoke to few of the first-timers in the show (or even China) to see what attracted them to the market.

Domaine Richard

French wine producer and distributor Domaine Richard has long been a major player in the Paris on-trade business, supplying close to 30 million bottles to restaurants in Paris each year. The family also owns a number of properties around Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley and Beaujolais, including Château La Nerthe and Château des Tours.

It is a recent strategy for the company to consolidate their family-produced wine portfolio for export. Last year, they began exporting after joining Prowine Düsseldorf, targeting at the UK and US markets at the beginning. Starting in Hong Kong, where the company has been exporting Château La Nerthe for one and a half years already, the temptation has been to slowly expand into the China market. Christophe Bristiel, sales director of the company, saw taking part in Prowine China as, “an opportunity to get the feel of the market and the acceptance of the wine style.”

According to Bristiel, every two out of three bottles of Château La Nerthe are sold in the on-trade, which shows the strong emphasis the company places on the sector. He wishes to extend the root of the business in overseas markets. He explained, “we worked with sommeliers around the world. By joining Prowine China, I am expecting to meet people in the related field to see how we can adapt to the structure of the market.”


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