Nightjar refreshes Arts & Crafts menu

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London bar Nightjar has launched the second iteration of its Arts & Crafts cocktail menu, which celebrates independent producers and homemade ingredients.

Inspired by the arts and crafts movement that flourished in Europe and North America between 1880 and 1920, the menu is divided into four sections: Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition, Post-War and Nightjar Signatures.

Each featuring products from “small, niche producers” the menu includes the Tia Juana, which is taken from the Post-War section and is made with Montelobos Mezcal, avocado leaf infusion, EI Jimador Tequila, Monkey Shoulder whisky, Martini Rubino, Gagliardo Bitter Radicale, Ancho Reyes liqueur and vaporised cannabidiol (CBD).

The menu also features a selection of sharing cocktails, such as the Assassin’s Tea, which combines Ketel One Vodka, Bimber Summer Fruit, Fortunella Kumquat Liqueur, Schisandra Berry and Pekoe Ceylon Tea Liqueur.

In order to appeal to the growing number of drinkers looking to cut out alcohol, Nightjar has created a range of no- and low-alcohol cocktails using products such as Seedlip, Everleaf and Three Spirit.

Developed by head bartender Antonio Pescatori and his team, each cocktail’s presentation incorporates “fine-art flourishes” and a range of different hand-crafted vessels.

Click through our gallery to find out more about the drinks on offer at Nightjar.


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