Lionel Messi’s restaurant gives meals to homeless

The footballer’s family restaurant in Argentina has been providing the homeless with free food and drink during the country’s cold weather.

Instagram: @leomessi

Argentina’s economic uncertainty has resulted in concern regarding the number of people sleeping on the streets with the cold weather said to be linked to five deaths.

Since Friday 5 July, Bar VIP in Rosario has been providing the city’s homeless with hot food and drink.

Bar manager, Ariel Almada, said: “We’ve also been giving out coffee, soft drinks and even some wine to some. Many people came and were very respectful. We’re going to keep this up for 15 days, every night between 7pm and 9pm.”

Actively involved in charitable causes, Messi partnered with the UN earlier this year to donate around £180,000 to initiatives in Kenya which included a new water pump and supplying food.

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