Le Café Alain Ducasse launches no-alcohol coffee cocktails

Ducasse Paris’s signature coffee brand, Le Café Alain Ducasse, has announced that the summer menu at its London and Paris sites will offer non-alcoholic coffee-based mocktails.

The mocktails will be available at the UK’s first Le Cafe site in Coal Drops Yard in King’s Cross alongside cold-brew coffee on tap, cascara drinks served iced-tea or whisky-style, and new Nespresso compatible pods.

The team have created three non-alcohol cocktails that use coffee and cascara to offer unique versions of classic cocktails.

Priced at £6, guests can choose between the Virgin Negroni with an intense cascara infusion complemented by a dash of nitro cold brew and finished with half a slice of orange and Timut pepper; the Panama Tonic, Le Café’s take on a traditional gin and tonic, made using a Panama Geisha double espresso, topped up with tonic and served with a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary; or the White Russian, a fully shaken drink made with cold brew ice cubes, Le Café’s hazelnut milk and muscovado sugar syrup, finished with a dash of nitro cold brew.

Coarsely ground and cold-infused for at least 24 hours before being filtered, Le Café’s signature cold-brew coffee is served on tap and draught like a beer.

Guests can choose between an aromatic and refreshing summer brew and two cascara infusions, one made from the dried skins of the coffee cherry served ice-tea style; the other a whisky-inspired eight-hour brew with notes of gooseberry.

A range of Nespresso compatible pods encapsulate the brand’s signature espresso blend. Made using beans from Brazil, Laos and Ethiopia, the pods are available to purchase for home use.

Located in restored historic buildings and arches beside Granary Square and Regent’s Canal, Coal Drops Yard encompasses over fifty businesses including cafés, bars and restaurants.

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