Kyrö Distillery in pictures

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From its humble beginnings as a dairy factory to the opening of its second distillery, it’s been a whirlwind seven years for Finland’s Kyrö Distillery Company. SB ventured to the village of Isokyrö for a tour.

Founded in 2012, Kyrö Distillery specialises in rye-based spirits, including its flagship Napue Gin. The distillery fired up its stills in 2014 and launched its first Finnish rye whisky in December 2017.

Kyrö is the brainchild of Miika Lipiäinen, Mikko Koskinen, Kalle Valkonen, Miko Heinilä and Jouni Ritola, who came up with the idea while sharing a dram of rye whisky in a sauna.

The firm is set on expanding its brand globally, and is currently building a new distillery to bolster its whisky production.

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