Holland & Barrett launches alcohol-free Kolibri range

Health food chain Holland & Barrett has expanded its non-alcoholic offering with the launch of low-calorie botanical drink Kolibri, which comes with an optional sweetener.

Kolibri is designed to offer a “cocktail-like drinks choice for the wellness-first consumer that does not compromise on flavour [or] experience”.

The range is available in three flavours: Chilli & Cardamom, Strawberry & Basil and Elderflower & Lime.

Kolibri Strawberry & Basil Alcohol Free Infusion is a blend of sparkling spring water with notes of strawberries and wild basil. Kolibri Cardamon & Chilli Alcohol Free Infusion blends sparkling water with “complex notes” of crushed cardamom and chilli, while Kolibri Elderflower & Lime Alcohol Free Infusion is a combination of elderflower with lime and lemongrass extracts and sparkling water.

Each 300ml expression is made with 100% natural ingredients, contains less than 40 calories and is sugar-free.

Described as a world first, each variant comes with a patented agave syrup-filled cap that can be added to the drink to sweeten it.

The agave is said to have a slight hint of caramel and zesty lemon to “[enhance] the botanicals” of the drink.

The range is recommended served in a balloon glass over ice with a garnish.

According to Holland & Barrett, Kolibri has been described by one customer as “like Pimm’s” but without the calories.

Kamila Sitwell, founder of Kolibri, said: “Having worked in the drinks industry for most of my career, I could not believe that at the end of the decade we are still offering such uninspiring drinks for adults choosing to avoid alcohol.

“Choosing between the sugary or artificially-enhanced sodas and healthy but often tasteless alternatives offers little or no excitement to the consumer.

“Kolibri was created to excite the sober socialites – the flavour-seeking friends who are either choosing to cut back on alcohol for a short time or as part of a bigger lifestyle choice.

“It’s all about choice and control with Kolibri, tailoring the drink to the consumer’s taste every time, ensuring they are not drawing the ‘short straw’ because they’re not drinking but having as much (if not even more) fun, with something special that feels uniquely their own every time.”

Holland & Barrett’s free-from buyer Fiona Davies added: “At Holland & Barrett, we are excited to stock Kolibri and extend our free-from offering to meet consumer demands.

“We love the premium bottle which makes it perfect for Christmas cocktail parties and enjoying sober October in style.”

The Kolibri range is priced at £3.99 (US$5.15) per 300ml bottle. It is available in all 800 of Holland & Barrett’s stores.

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