Gosnells launches mead in cans

London’s only meadery, Gosnells in Peckham, is aiming to “revolutionise the whole mead category” with the launch of mead in cans.

Founded in 2014, Gosnells of London launched its debut bar at the Coal Rooms in Peckham earlier this year.

Claiming to be a first for Europe, the range comprises of four variants: ‘Citra Sea,’ ‘Hibiscus,’ ‘Hopped’ and ‘Sour’.

With a salty finish, ‘Citra Sea’ combines honey, lemon, tarragon and Citra hops, and is designed to be paired with tacos al pastor, satay and chicken dishes.

’Hibiscus’ is the brand’s only pink mead, brewed with hibiscus flowers for a fruity, tart finish to pair with Thai curry, smoked salmon and grilled fish.

’Hopped’ is inspired by IPAs and spiced with big hops for a long, dry, floral finish to pair with spicy foods such as kebabs, Cajun and chilli dishes, Tandoor curries or lamb bhuna.

’Sour’ is described as “a backstreet kid, with layers of attitude and a puckering sourness intermingling with honey notes” to pair with tempura vegetables, deep fried oysters, omelettes, samosas or “stinky cheeses”.

Available in four-packs of 33cl recyclable cans, the range is 4% ABV.

Company founder, Tom Gosnell, said: “Historically, most meads were as strong as wine, but we decided to opt for a much lower alcohol strength. All four of the new canned meads are packed with flavour and so they are amazing accompaniments to many foods.

“Why drink 12-14% wine when you can drink something just as complex and elegant at 4%?

“We think the cans will rock the market and introduce a whole wave of new drinkers to mead, while sitting neatly with our 75cl Gosnells Original at 5.5%, Vintage 2018 at 12% and our monthly limited editions.

“Cans are quick to chill, light, stackable in the fridge, easy to recycle, and have none of glass’s negative potential at festivals. This format really suits mead well.”

Priced at £15 per pack of four, the range will be released on 1 August and can be pre-ordered on the company’s website.

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