Drinkers call Uber for lost bird chick

A group of drinkers in Utah found an abandoned fledgling recently and called up an Uber to send it to a rescue centre.

The WRCNU later posted a picture of the little bird which is in good health.

Tim Crowley and some friends were enjoying some drinks on a neighbour’s porch last month when a very young chick dropped onto the lawn.

As reported by local news networks, after sending a picture of the bird to the nearby Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre of Northern Utah, they told him it was a young goldfinch, less than two weeks old, and asked if he could bring it in.

Both Crowley and his neighbours realised they were technically over the limit however, when one of them suggested sending the bird in an Uber.

The first driver refused the request finding it a little too odd but the second driver, named as Christy Guynn, took the perforated box the little chick had been placed in and ferried it to the wildlife centre.

The chick is currently being raised at the centre and has been named Petey Uber. In a bizarre coincidence, furthermore, since his arrival two other birds have also been delivered to the centre by Uber.

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