Delamain returns to vine cultivation

Cognac house Delamain has announced that it has recommenced actively tending vines in Grande Champagne for the first time in over 100 years.

Having ceased viticulture in 1910 to focus entirely on ageing and blending eaux-de-vie, the house took charge of 20 hectares of vines in Grande Champagne on 1 January this year.

The south-facing site, named ‘Belleville’, covers four hamlets; La Rambaudie, Montplaisir, La Sentinelle and Les Grands Champs and will be managed by Delamain’s technical director and cellar master, Dominique Touteau.

Charles Braastad, managing director of Delamain, said: “After over a century, we are very pleased to once again be cultivating vines. We originally abandoned the practice in 1910 upon the sale of our ‘Bois Clair’ property in Saint-Brice which, at the time, allowed us to focus on selection, blending and ageing of Grande Champagne Cognacs.

“From 2019 the house of Delamain is re-committing to the very first moments in the lives of our Cognacs, to their birth and growth in the vineyards.

“We are certain that this decision to tend such extraordinary vines will permit us to continue creating ever more exceptional Cognacs for future generations.”

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