Bulgari family acquires Sarment

Fine wine company Sarment has been acquired by El Greco Holding, controlled by Paolo Bulgari.

Mario Aron, the CEO of Sarment

Sarment Wine & Spirits Holding, the Singaporean based company with operations in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Tokyo, announced the completion of the sale last month.

Sarment is now owned by El Greco International, a subsidiary of El Greco Holding controlled by Paolo Bulgari, as well as members of the Dauphin Family and other investors owning the remaining shares.

Paolo Bulgari commented: “I am very satisfied with this deal, as it will allow Sarment to further grow its fine wine and spirits business which is already strong in China and in the Eastern hemisphere, to consolidate and to focus future efforts and investments in this segment”.

Mario Aron, the CEO of Sarment said: “The company will do what it does best: distributing fine wines and spirits and serving our clients all across Asia with great labels in the fine wine and spirits segment following the tradition of excellence of the Bulgari family. I am certain that this will help us capitalise and really grow the business in Asia and possibly abroad”.

Sarment entered the market in 2009 and was one of the first companies that introduced certified fine wines and spirits into mainland China and expanded from there. It is one of Asia’s fastest growing luxury wine & spirits businesses, providing products and services to both private individuals and corporate enterprises.

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