Brewers Association targets China and Europe to grow US craft beer sales

The Brewers Association – the US’ trade body for independent breweries – has appointed two ambassadors to raise the profile of American beer in Europe and China.

(Photo: Brewers Association)

The BA has named Lotte Peplow and Yandong Lu as global ambassadors, with a view to raising awareness of smaller breweries and their products overseas.

Peplow and Lu have been appointed craft beer ambassadors in Europe and China respectively.

A Certified Cicerone and beer sommelier, Peplow, based in London, also writes about beer, judges beer, and even brews her own, and is a keen beer and food pairing advocate.

Peplow was also one of the judges of our 2018 Global Beer Competition last year.

“I’ve always been incredibly proud to work for the Brewers Association over the last several years and I’m absolutely delighted with my new appointment to the role of craft beer ambassador in Europe,” said Peplow.

“I’m passionate about craft beer and intend to use my new role as a springboard to advance and elevate the position of American craft beer in Europe. I’m both humbled and honoured to be part of such a highly regarded industry association and can’t wait to progress my work for the Brewers Association still further.

Based in Shanghai, Lu is the former judge director of the China Craft Beer Competition.

He is the only BJCP Master Rank Judge in Asia, and also one of only three Chinese nationals to have completed the Certified level of the Cicerone program.

Parr said the ambassador role in China “is a much-needed part of the Export Development Program’s efforts to provide a more regular presence for our members and American craft beer promotion in the market,”

“In his role, Yandong will help us develop and maintain relations with key trade contacts, conduct educational programs on American craft beer, represent American craft beer at events, and generate press exposure for the segment across China.”

Lu said: “As a craft beer enthusiast, beer is much more than taste and aroma to me. It is what brings us together.

“I am so honoured to join the BA team and look forward to serving as a bridge between the craft communities in U.S. and China.”

The Association’s export development program helps its members find new opportunities to sell their beers overseas and raise the profile of American beer made by smaller breweries.

American craft beer exports have increased 1,400% since the development program’s launch in 2004. BA members’ exports were valued at US$74 million last year, the group said.

Steve Parr, the Association’s export development manager, said the two new hires are “a big leap forward in helping our members grow their businesses overseas.”

The BA represents 5,000-plus U.S. breweries. The BA’s independent craft brewer seal is a widely adopted symbol that differentiates beers by small and independent craft brewers

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