Bar staff earn £14,000 less than UK average salary

A new survey analysing pay rates in the UK has revealed just how far hospitality wages lag behind the national average.

An analysis of ONS figures on UK salaries has shown that waiters and bar staff earn the least out of any profession, earning £14,000 per annum less than the average UK salary.

Unsurprisingly, chief executives take the top spot, according to the study commissioned by electronics company RS Components, being paid on average £67,000 more per year than the UK average.

The average Brit earns approximately £29,558 per year, but he analysis found that waiters earn roughly £15,450 per year, while bar staff earn slightly less at £15,070.

Kitchen catering assistants, it said, earn £15,710 per annum, while the average rate for cooks was £16,150.

Catering bar managers’ average annual salary came in slightly higher at £20,740, while those with the job title chef had an average salary of £21,400.

Restaurant and catering managers’ salaries were also higher at £24,470 per year.

Another report published by CV Library has found that average advertised salaries for new hospitality jobs on its own website are 18.3% lower than the UK average.

It also surveyed hundreds of hospitality workers finding that despite the fact that 84.4% of professionals are considering moving jobs right now, more than half aren’t doing so because they believe the salaries on offer are too low.

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