All Time Low launches own wine

The Baltimore pop-punk band have released a Cabernet Sauvignon called ‘Everything is Wine’.

Photo: All Time Low

Named in homage to the band’s track ‘Everything is Fine,’ the wine has been vinted and bottled by E2 Family Winery in Lodi, California.

In a statement the band said: “Wine and Music are distant cousins, products of the heart and soul woven together: complex, none the same, each telling a unique story: They anchor us to our memories. 

“Close your eyes and recall the feeling; a song takes you back to a first love, a lasting heartbreak, or just a damn good party… It’s a powerful magic, like an invisible string pulling you back in time, rooted in the ambiance of the moment, stirring at the bottom of your glass like a familiar melody stirs up forgotten emotion. 

“It is with that in mind that we present you with ‘EVERYTHING IS WINE,’ a Cabernet Sauvignon that we hope you’ll share with friends, family and loved ones on the nights that memories are meant to be made. Throw on your favorite record and raise a toast to the moments that will live on forever at the bottom of this bottle.”

With a minimum order of two, bottles are priced at US$24.95.

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