12th HKTDC wine fair concludes

The 12th edition of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Wine & Spirits Fair concluded last weekend.

The organisers reported that 15,000 buyers from 70 countries and 21,000 consumers visited the fair over its three-day run.

Over 1,075 exhibitors from 30 countries, including new attendees from the likes of Lithuania and Vietnam, took stands at the show.

There were also numerous events, from wine and spirits masterclasses to seminars on a variety of topics.

Benjamin Chau, HKTDC deputy executive director, said: “At this year’s Wine & Spirits Fair, the exhibitors showcased a fantastic assortment of wines from different regions of the world. We also welcomed new exhibitors from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Vietnam to enrich the selection for buyers. In addition to wines and spirits, craft beers have surged in popularity in Hong Kong, and many local brews have attracted their share of fans. Exhibitors from Ukraine, Italy and Japan also brought their specialty beers to the Beer Zone to present to buyers.

“Other remarkable wines and spirits featured at the fair included the Sav Sparkling wine from Sweden, a refreshing baijiu catering to the taste of young consumers in Mainland China, as well as Japanese gins that have been gaining popularity. The diversity of products offered buyers ample choice for different needs and tastes.”

As a duty-free port, Hong Kong continues to be a key gateway to mainland China, especially the southern provinces.

Manuela Liebchen, marketing manager of Germany’s Deutsches Weininstitut, said: “Hong Kong has become a premier wine hub in Asia over the years, serving as the foothold for German wineries to penetrate the Mainland China market.

“The HKTDC has made utmost effort continuously to attract so many buyers from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao and various countries in Southeast Asia. German wine producers can meet with different buyers to explore opportunities.”


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